We're at a new phase of the clean energy transition. Extreme heat, drought and floods are increasing in frequency. Public attention on clean energy is stronger than ever. The Biden Administration is putting zero-carbon energy at the core of its policies.

And there's another powerful force: making sure the energy transition is as racially and economically just as possible.

Anton Cohen is a partner at CohnReznick LLP, and national leader of the firm’s Renewable Energy Industry Practice. He's been advising companies across a wide range of industries: tech, manufacturing, public tax credits, and energy. 

Today, he focuses exclusively on renewables: “All we do is renewables. Live, eat, sleep, breathe renewables.” The large investors and energy users that Anton advises are feeling the urgency.

“I think it's the corporates who are pushing hard. People know what direction we're heading in. It's just a matter of how quickly we get there with the energy transition,” says Anton.

Amidst all of this change in the corporate world, we have an ongoing pandemic, a lumpy economic recovery, massive cybersecurity breaches, and an infrastructure bill under consideration that could transform the clean energy economy.

Anton is watching all of it. So we caught up with him for a take on how all these factors are influencing each other. 

This episode was produced in collaboration with the international advisory, tax and accounting firm CohnReznick LLP. Learn more about how clean energy experts and advisors like Anton, can help your organization grow.